The establishment and operation of companies in the UK

Tax and legal system of Great Britain offers favorable solutions for enterprises. We conduct establisment of the company in the UK and service them.

We offer you the following structure:

  • Self-employed
  • Private partnership
  • LTD

Within our service we offer:

  • Choosing the type of structure.
  • Preparation of documentation of the company - the joint venture agreement (Memorandum of Association) and Articles of Association.
  • Preparation of documents relating to the company's authorities (Company Director, Company Secretary).
  • Notification of the company to the register of companies (Companies House).
  • Current service of the company, mainly bookkeeping, financial and tax advice and assistance in the implementation of investment and targeted projects.
  • Accounting and tax formalities for the sale or liquidation of the company.

Proper arrangement of the structure, using the laws of the UK, will achieve significant cost savings for your business.

Trust us, among others:
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